Things that Make Me Go Hmmmm or Hahahaha 3


Yesterday while running errands with a friend and her toddler, the toddler asked me out of the blue, “Did you brush your hair today, Miss Judy?” I told him I had, that it just looks curly/messy like this everyday. His mom wanted to die! Haha hahaha. (It looks a little like Phil Specter’s at left.)

I put some baking soda on the floors of my car to help expunge the cigarette smoke that had seeped in (a long, bad story). It started coming out the air conditioning and into my mouth. Eccchhhh! Hahahahaha.

I was in the Starbucks drive-thru and there was an emergency vehicle in front of me. It was stuck between me and the three cars ahead of it. I wondered what would happen if it got a call. There was no way it could get out. “Um, sorry, sir, I had to get my latte. Your broken leg will be fine.” Hmmmmm.

One of my friends went to Home Depot in a major thunderstorm here in Orlando. He said there were buckets everywhere catching the water from the roof—on the inside of the store. “You can build it. We can help” just got a little less convincing. Hmmmmmm.

There is already a President Barack Obama Parkway in Orlando. I thought you had to finish your term or do something significant first! It’s only been 8 months. Nevertheless, he is our first half-Black president and that is to be celebrated. Hmmmm.

4 Comments on “Things that Make Me Go Hmmmm or Hahahaha 3”

  1. Judy,

    Your baking soda incident reminded me of when I was pregnant at CSU in 1999. I had bought these prenatal vitamins at GNC – they were giant capsules filled with blue powder – and had just taken four of them before I went to work out at the gym. After I walked, I let out a big burp, and blew a cloud of blue smoke. Forgetting that I was holding a water bottle, I ran over and cut in front of a long line of people waiting for the water fountain in order to get a drink. I went out and bought some regular prenatals at Target after that. 🙂

  2. Is President Obama Parkway off of Conroy as you approach Kirkman? I thought I saw that, but then wondered if my eyes were fooling me. Hey, if you can get the Nobel Peace Prize for doing – what exactly? – then you can get a street named after you for sure 🙂

    • Yes, Amy, exact location. It’s been up for months now–before the Nobel Peace Prize. Maybe for being the first half-black president?

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