Things that Make Me Go Hmmmm or Hahahaha 2

This new video from Evian makes me go Hahahaha times 1,000.

My friend was reading “what not to do when installing your new battery” in your computer: Do not hit it with a hammer and nail. Hmmmmm.

Some friends of mine were having a baby shower for Amy. This was the first baby shower attended by my friends’ daughter, Anna, 6 years old. After eating snacks and visiting with guests, my friend called everyone into the living to see Amy open her presents. Anna, however, thought that everyone was gathering to see Amy have her baby there! Hahahaha.

Donald Miller said this in his blog: “I heard an interview a long time ago with the folk singer David Wilcox, in which Wilcox was asked how he managed to be so vulnerable and open in his songwriting. Wilcox answered that, when he sits down to write a song, he tries to share something he is afraid to share, something that, to him, might be embarrassing. He does this, he said, because in giving the audience something they can use against him, they create a trusting relationship. It’s as though he is taking his pistol out and handing it to the person across the table.” Hmmmmm.

I pulled a “Julie-ism” yesterday, saying I’d meet someone at Crate&Barrel, instead of Cracker Barrel. Hahahaha.

Three definitions of hell by a generation of our best writers:

Dostoyevsky: “Hell is the suffering of being unable to love.”

C.S. Lewis: “The absence of neighborhood.”

Dorothy Sayers: “Hell is the enjoyment of our way forever.”


2 Comments on “Things that Make Me Go Hmmmm or Hahahaha 2”

  1. MJ’s lawyer said he warned MJ about the drug usage. He said, ” I told Michael that one day he was going to wake up and find himself dead.”

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