For Love or Money

IMG_1189In that last few months, I’ve “met” these two fellows just out and about as I’ve been doing life. Both agreed to let me take a pic with my handy iPhone. When I had them both, I thought I would share, since they seemed to fit together. “Money is Motivation” is this fellow’s motto. I asked him how that was working out for him. “Just great,” he said.

IMG_0392And this man, a bit older, had a lipstick kiss tattoo on his neck. And I asked him the same thing. His answer: “Not so well.” Thus, the tattoo.

I thought of something an artist friend had told me once–that artists are many times the easiest people to get to know, because they are creating their story on canvas or in tunes or on the dance floor. And I thought of these men, telling me about their lives with the art on their skin. And they were telling me boldly, no way to hide these messages under a shirt or long sleeve. (Not to mention the boldness required on this sensitive spot!)

Sue Monk Kidd says, “Our stories are the bread we offer one another.” And here, in the art of these ink spots, we see two stories. Two men offering their desires in plain day light, not hiding or manipulating, but simply saying, “This is what I am about. This is who I am and what I want in life.”

1 Comments on “For Love or Money”

  1. Ah – what a treat to visit this Web site and find my favorite word artist opening her heart and mind to us again :).

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