Happy 45th Anniversary Mom and Dad!

img_06751Forty-five years ago, Mom and Dad got married in this little church in Maine. (I took this photo just eight months ago.) We are certainly blessed. Not many folks stay married so long; not so many folks stay happily married so long. And to be healthy to enjoy it is a special gift as well. My sisters, brothers-in-law and the grandkids are grateful (yes, I am speaking for them, but I’m sure they’d back me up on this one!)

YWCAMy Mom moved from her little town in Maine to Washington, D.C., at 19 , to work for her senator, the groundbreaking Margaret Chase Smith. Mom moved into the YWCA on Capitol Hill and made lots of friends with all the young women who had come to work on the Hill. And, she met my Dad. He was from New York and working for the FAA. Their first date was on the runway at Reagan National Airport in his Corvette convertible, watching the planes land and take off (can you say “romantic?”). 

They had a Capitol romance, out and about, and making out in the porticos of the Old Executive Office Building. When Mom brought Dad home to Maine, she was afraid to tell her parents he was seven years older, but obviously he won them over and gained Mom’s hand in marriage. 


judy12071They settled outside the Beltway, which was then considered pasture land. There, they raised three girls and gave them every opportunity to thrive and grow. They made a great choice in communities, and we grew up playing all sorts of sports, cheering on the Skins, and in one of the best school systems in the country. Now, they have three awesome grandkids and two super sons-in-law. After 30 + years at 8803 Aunt Lilly Lane, they moved to an “active adult” community. And active they have become!


Since Dad retired, I never know where to find them. At the house on the Outer Banks? At water aerobics? Or bowling? Maybe at a grandkid’s event or out to dinner with new neighbors? If the Caps are at home or the Redskins at FedEx field, then I know where to find them. Spring Training for the Red Sox brings them here to Florida. One week Dad said he’s seen Slumdog Millionaire and been to an Afghan restaurant. I almost dropped the phone: “Who are you?” I said. I don’t think I’ve ever been to the movies with my Dad and definitely not to a restaurant that doesn’t have steak and potatoes on the menu!

handsome-couple1It’s incredibly wonderful to see your parents enjoy each other and life so much. Thanks, Mom and Dad! And Happy Anniversary!

7 Comments on “Happy 45th Anniversary Mom and Dad!”

  1. That was lovely Jude. Just back from water aerobics and Starbucks. Time certainly flies by and it is hard to believe that we are now the older generation.
    We are so blessed to have such a wonderful family. We are so proud of all of you!!

  2. Oh, how could I forget Starbucks? I’m sure I messed up some details, but we’re celebrating you two today. XOXO.

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