What do these things have in common?

Tea Bag

I know you’ll never get it, really. I mean I don’t know who could. 

My beloved feline (in the middle pic) has an eye infection, so I Googled a solution that would save me the big money they want at the vet for such things.  The remedy? Place a tea bag on the cat’s eye for five minutes. Five minutes? That’s like 45 years in cat time! It’s impossible to hold a cat that still for that long. But it sure hasn’t kept me from trying. I’m chasing her around with a Lipton elixir!

The final pic? That’s me after chasing her around.

Or wait, that’s my latest match on e-Harmony!

2 Comments on “What do these things have in common?”

  1. Now that final picture I can believe!
    I’ve seen your hair in that state before.
    And hilarious is the idea of you holding a tea bag on Katie’s eye…you funny, judy.

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