Wedding Miracles

Keira's GownSo, we had to change the date of the wedding–move it up three weeks! Due to some conflicts in schedules with the location, we decided to just go for it. And God has blessed our efforts. Since Keira and her mom have not been to  many weddings, I’m not sure they can appreciate the “miracles.” Having been a bridesmaid 18 (yes, 18 times), the mystery is not lost on me. We were able to secure our pastor for the new night, even though his wife is battling cancer. Our photographer is still able to shoot the day. Keira’s dress (above) came in and fits her  beautifully–no alterations needed (read: saves mucho dinero and time). Keira is breathtaking in it!

Then, today, we went shopping for the bridesmaids. In the first store, we found the right dress, and they had it in all the sizes we needed, and they were on SALE. I’m not kidding. If you’ve done this, you know. It doesn’t happen this easily. On the way home, I told our beautiful bride-to-be just how the Lord is smiling on her. She grinned the widest grin and we all giggled along the way anticipating the Big Day.

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