Edible Easter Grass


Easter GrassHave they gone too far? Are you kidding me? Straight from Germany, NEW! and IMPROVED!  Easter grass (like the plastic strands in the bottom of an Easter Basket) is now edible. And apparently it’s “great for crafts, too!”  The ingredients: potato starch, corn starch, modified corn starch, artificial flavors, acesulfame (?) potassium, aspartame, artificial colors. (On a happy note, Edible Easter Grass contains no grams of sugar.) I know all this because I bought two packs (one blue, one green) for my teenage nephews who are coming to spend their Spring Break and Easter with me. They will probably think it’s funny; I think it’s gross. But then again, I am not a teen boy.


Nor can I stand Peeps in any form, chick, bunny, whatever. I don’t particularly care for jelly beans (it must have skipped a generation as they are my Mom’s fave). And now these stringy starches. What will the marketers think of next? 

As an aside, I was looking for Easter cards to send to my family at the grocery store. I found it ironic that they had a special section for “religious” Easter cards.

3 Comments on “Edible Easter Grass”

  1. Grammarians are everywhere! I love it. The last sentence sounds like my family lives at the grocery store. That was intentional, not a misplaced prepositional phrase. My Dad is the butcher, my Mom the baker, and I hang out in the ice cream section waiting for Breyer’s to have their two for one special 🙂

  2. I live at the grocery store. Nothing wrong with that. If I didn’t spend so much time there, I’d never get everything on the list I keep forgetting to bring with me.

    But Peeps never make that list. Ever. If I ran the grocery store instead of just living there, I’d ban Peeps. Gah!

  3. Publix has Breyers on a “buy one get one free” sale this week. I saw the ad and thought of you. My home at the grocery store is just down from you, waiting for the Edys (double fudge) sale.

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