Toes Around the World, part 2

Toes Met

Not too long ago, I was at the Met in NYC. And having been there a few times before, I remembered that I had never documented it. Although it was a chilly February afternoon, I sat on the cold marble steps, removed my wool sock and my right boot and aimed my iPhone awkwardly up at the building, trying to balance backwards and take the shot. Of course, NY’s finest came by and scurried me away. (You can see them in the background before the altercation.) 

ballerina toes

Now, for the embarrassing part: I removed my said sock and boot within the Degas Gallery. I glanced over at the guard as I sat on my backside and tried to angle my leg up in front of the sculpture. She simply shook her head as if to say, WhateverI could have tampered with a Degas, Renoir or Monet, but I cannot sit on the steps outside the Institution. The embarrassing thing is that I actually took a photo before Degas’ ballerina. That got me thinking, What’s the oddest thing the guards have seen?

300px-vincent_van_gogh_1853-1890_-_wheat_field_with_crows_1890So, after re-dressing I approached a guard and asked him that very question. He recalled a European woman who was so completely moved by Van Gogh’s Wheatfields with Crows, she removed all of her clothes. (Compared to her, I’m barely an art enthusiast.) She looked quite good, I learned, because it took some time to force her to put her clothes back on. 


3 Comments on “Toes Around the World, part 2”

  1. Hi Judy! Welcome to the world of blogging. When I saw that you had a blog, I just had to come see what you write! I was disappointed to miss you in Orlando last December, but hopefully our paths will cross again soon. I have finished the rough (extremely rough, and full of holes) draft of the first ten years of history. It was really fun to write! I’m dragging my feet a little on this next part because I have a feel it won’t be as easy, but I guess I’ll never know if I don’t pull it out and look at it. I hope to have it done by Thailand next year.

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