Keira’s Tiara


So, we’re planning a wedding. The big day is May 22. My friend Keira was planning on going to the courthouse with her fiancé, “Kisi,” to tie the knot. She hasn’t been to many weddings. Her parents aren’t married. None of her friends is married, so the alternative celebration probably didn’t linger much in her mind. Plus, she and Kisi are just starting new jobs and a new life together now that Kisi is free. And money is tight.

Keira wanted to show me the rings she got from Wal-mart, and the excitement reflected in the gold bands and her bright smile also gold speckled. I said, “You know, Keira, God obviously brought you and Kisi together, and it’s no mistake you have your beautiful Zar’Kia together (9 months, above) . Perhaps we should invite Him into your marriage and your family in an ‘official’ way. Would you let me ‘throw you a wedding’?”

Her smile widened and she nodded. Keira, her mother, Tara, and I met to go through the list most brides would consult to ready themselves with the details of the day. We checked thru it and now, we’re in full-out planning mode. She picked colors and a gown and we’ve enlisted all our friends for photos, food, a location, songs to sing, verses to read, and everything else that makes for an inviting day. And she wants a tiara with a cathedral-length veil and a blusher. Sure beats the courthouse!

Pray with me that God would be seen as He was in Jesus’ first miracle, the wedding in Canaan.

5 Comments on “Keira’s Tiara”

  1. How fun to read this. You’ve been an amazing friend to Keira, her sisters and their mom. They’re seeing God start a marriage in a way that would not have happened had you not been a part of their lives.

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