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A few weeks ago, I was a “speed-editor” for a conference. It was kind of like speed-dating, which I’ll have to write about another time! Writers brought their pieces to 7 editors and we spent 7 minutes with each one, trying to help them find their voice, or their audience, or the purpose for their piece. Lauren Winner (Girl Meets God, Mudhouse Sabbath) was also an editor. I was a little bit intimidated as I am a big fan of her writing. But it was great fun and I’m glad I did it. Only wish I’d read this beforehand. It’s from Sue Monk Kidd’s site (Secret Life of Bees, Mermaid Chair).

3 Comments on “Advice for Writers”

  1. This whole blog entry (complete with hyperlinks) is compelling me to start reading again. I feel like it’s time. After 8 years of having small children around, I’m allowed to start reading more than just the Economist, Sports Illustrated and the newspaper when I can grab bits of time here and there. I have earned it! And Sue Monk Kidd’s one rule about “write badly” confirmed to me the one thing I do that I never thought was okay! Thanks for sharing. This was great.

  2. I like the one about allowing yourself to write badly. Sometimes it’s nice to not take it all so seriously!

    Your speed editing gig sounds like a lot of fun! I do the same thing (except not nearly as well, I’d imagine) with middle school kids, but they are not exactly what you’d call “receptive.”

    Glad Dad sent me over to visit the blog. I’m always looking for new ones and it’s nice to keep track of how the family is doing!

    Cousin Ann

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