Toes Around the World, part 1

Aunt Ruth's House

So, on my sabbatical in 2002, I decided to document some of my travels. I had already been to a dozen or so countries and not yet “proven” that I had indeed been there. By that, I mean documenting my very foot on the turf of St. Basel’s in Moscow or on a safari in South Africa or before Christ the Redeemer in Rio. 

Portofino Toes

In Switzerland, I took my first photo of my toes in the hills near L’Abri. And then I went to Italy and took toe shots everywhere (that’s Portofino on the right). It became my way of saying, “Yes, indeed, God has brought me here. And He may be the only One who knows where I am this very moment. I am going to document it.” 

Me and Uncle Phil


In the Fall of 2008, I went to my Mom’s hometown of Casco, Maine, for my cousin’s wedding and to interview my oldest living relative, my great uncle Phil, at left. He told me survival stories of WWII in his  marvelous New England accent, and of my beloved Grandma. (Although she is gone, Phil still sends me a check with my Christmas card in remembrance of her). 

And he also gave me access to tons of family photos. The above photo is of my great aunt’s home. My mom remembers taking piano lessons on that very piano. But the miracle to me is the little shoe in the left corner! LOOK! 

Gram and Uncle Phil

A toe shot! A little Ked shoe, probably my very own Grandma’s (at right with baby Uncle Phil). 

We all want to leave our mark on the world, don’t we?

1 Comments on “Toes Around the World, part 1”

  1. And here I thought that toe idea was so very Judy Nelson. Turns out, maybe, it is genetic.
    I was glad to catch up today.

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