The Thought Escapes Me



We celebrated the 40th birthday of my dear friend Monica this weekend. A few fabulous women flew in from all over the country for a weekend to remember! 

The festivities also coincided with the Winter Park Arts Festival, a yearly feast for anyone with an artistic bone in their body (and don’t we all have at least one out of our 206?). 

I made my way through the walkers and strollers and found myself downright tickled at the above sculpture. I wanted to tell Monica that this is what happens after 40, but I didn’t want to ruin the fun. She’ll figure it out herself, if she hasn’t already. [The artist is]

4 Comments on “The Thought Escapes Me”

  1. Or, she could leave three comments when meaning to leave just one, as I did. Over 60.

  2. Oh, Debra. Somehow you manage the schedule of the president of the largest Christian organization in the world with grace and efficacy. I’m not so worried about you 🙂

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